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Peter x Reader
“Peeeeeteeeerrr! Peeeeeteeeerrr!” you called, searching for Queen Vivaldi's right hand rabbit. “Where could that rabbit have disappeared to now?” you shook your head and continued to look through the forest. “Ah! There you are! Her Majesty is very upset with you for disappearing like this again.” you inspected  Peter, his normally clean and tidy suit covered in nicks and dirt. “What happened to you anyway?” The white rabbit only blushed and looked away. “I disappeared on purpose. I wanted you to come find me, but I got a little lost along the way.” Your mouth dropped into a round O. “Peter! How could you! Her Majesty will be furious for this act of defiance!” you stuttered, as you felt your face getting warm. Peter gave you a little half smile. “But you aren't,” he said quietly, inspecting your face. Gently, he lifted your chin with his finger and kissed you softly. “I'll have to get lost mor
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Real Botdf Fans By Xxemo Teddy Bearxx-d2uxsfc
Real BOTDF Fans by ~xXEmo-Teddy-BearXx
♫ REAL BOTDF FANS....♫ (made by me xXEmo-Teddy-BearXx)
1. Don't believe the rumors about Dahvie and Jessi.
2. Have listened to their music at least a full 24 hours.
3. Love their music
4. Sing ' I Heart Hello Kitty' outloud and don't care who hears.
5. Know who popped Jayy's balloon.
6. Have gotten a cavity from eating to many watermelon blow pops.
8. Have more than one BOTDF accessorie. (shirts, bracelets, necklaces.)
9. Laugh at Jayy's adorable laugh.
10. Have attempted to fire hoop.
12. Was so caught up with reading these and laughing that you didn't notice there wasn't a number 11. ha you dun goofed!!!
13. Laughing at yourself for missing it and blaming the strawberry's decieving wrapper.
14. When people ask who you are you say, "IMA MONSTER!"
15. When something goes wrong you yell,"DAMMIT DAHVIE!," or "DAMMIT JAYY!!!"
16. Still laugh about the turkey
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I have retuuurned! I will posting new stuff erry Friday so yea, happy to be bac kand don't be upset if I don't respond immediately. love you all lovelies!
waah! i am so alone, most of my friends have deserted me, so its just me, my guitar, and my books. Bored  soooo, if anybody wants to get a conversation going with a psycho ADHD gurl like me, send me a note or comment on something. i may not answer right away (my computer is fickle) but i will as soon as i see it! pleeaase, i neeed new frieeends Dx such loneliness, much craziness 
i've made a choice. this Deviant will be story/journal based only. i feel like my art is not ready for this much traffic and viewing, and i need to hone my skills more before i can reveal my new art to the world. thank you all so much for understand, my lovelies!
112 pageviews! eeeh, exciting! (i know that's nothing compared to some of you, but still) so, i have voice lessons tomorrow and i have to sing this soprano song and it's CRAZY HIGH. my alto voice can't take it, it keeps cracking, poor thing DX boooooooo, soprano ranges. btw, if anybody wants a story done, i'll do my best to make it happen. ^_^ toodles!


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dezi-boo Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
depends on where you get it from
Jasontodd12 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a good food source XD
dezi-boo Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm happy to know that one of our primary food sources loves you.
Jasontodd12 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconchickenplz: he loves me too~
dezi-boo Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you. suck. lol i looooveee youuu
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